Zero Carbon Passive House Craughwell, Co. Galway with custom fenestration

“An Teach Glas” Zero Carbon Passive House Craughwell, Co. Galway. Designed by Miles Sampson Architects.

Specification on the Project and Timber Frame build up below;

  • Passive Foundation System
  • Timber Frame using 200mm stud wall pumped with cellulose, external clad with wood fibre, service cavity filled with 50mm wood fibre.
  • Ceilings to have 300mm rafters pumped with Cellulose 100mm external wood fibre with 50mm wo0dfibre to service cavity
  • Nilan Compact heating and ventilation  system with geo module.
  • Sparthem passive cerified 7kw stove with back boiler. 5.5kw to feed thermal store located in garage which will run underfloor heating in external work shop, dry clothes and season wood when required.
  • Certified passive house windows
  • Passive air change result expected <0.6ACH
  • House to be Passive Certified
  • 60sqm Grass Roofs to offset carbon in concrete
  • 106no Sigma PV Roof Tiles generating 5kw
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  • Images by Miles Sampson Architects