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Trade purchase terms and conditions.

DBP Partners. Trade purchase terms and conditions.

1. Cancellation:
1.1 If you cancel this contract you will be responsible for compensating us for any loss or expense we have incurred, if working drawings have commenced and the order is cancelled before sign-off, a minimum of 10% of the contract total will be nonrefundable.

Once the signed schedule and contracts ,deposit are received the order is irreversible and invoice total will be due as per terms of the contract.

2. Site Survey and unit sizing:

2.1 DBP are a trade distribution company and no responsibility for site surveys will be accepted.

2.2 It is the responsibility of the customer to provide us with an accurate & illustrated window and door schedule showing all frame sizes in metric, mm´s. DBP will not, under any circumstance, do take-offs form elevation drawings or provide any kind of conversion calculation.

2.3 Any adjustments required to sizing must be shown clearly on the appropriate units in the schedule/shop drawing pdf provided.

3. Product specification ,Local Authority Planning & Building Regulation Approval

3.1 It is the customers responsibility to obtain any planning and building regulation approvals.
All product requirements for egress, safety glass, restrictors etc. must be clearly requested and confirmed and signed off. It is not the responsibility of DBP or their product suppliers to ensure that a particular unit is compliant with an end users requirement, local or national law at point of use.

4. Delivery and Installation:

4.1 Any indication of a delivery date given by DBP is an estimate only and DBP will use its best endeavours to achieve the delivery period advised. As such DBP will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the customer as a result of a failure to deliver the goods within the times or periods that may have been advised.

4.2 Un-loading of the product is fully the responsibility of the customer and must be executed in a timely fashion in order to avoid additional charges by the delivery company. Any additional charges incurred will be the responsibility of the customer.

4.3 Any damage to goods should be recorded in writing and photographed/filmed BEFORE the product has been un-loaded at destination and must be reported to DBP immediately.

4.4 Any product or accessories that are missing from the delivery must be reported within 72 hrs of unloading, after this period DBP will take no responsibility for ANY missing merchandise and all replacements and associated costs will be charged at the normal rate.

5. Terms of Payment:
5.1 All sales require stage payments of 50% with order accompanied with a complete schedule and sales contract ,all signed and dated by the purchaser or their appointed agent, 50% to schedule delivery to job site. Delivery to site will not complete until full payment has been received and funds cleared. VAT will be charged at the appropriate rate. If it is as EU sale then the invoice will be zero rated on acceptance of a valid VAT/ Tax identification No. for the customer or their agent.

5.2 All payments including stage payments are due as per the contract no later than 7 days from request. When payment is not paid in accordance with this condition the outstanding balance shall carry interest at the rate of 6% per month or part thereof commencing from the date when settlement was due.

5.3 If non-payment continues DBP reserve the right to employ a Debt Collection Agency and the outstanding invoice will be subject to a 15% surcharge together will all other charges and legal fees incurred will be the responsibility of the customer and will be legally enforceable.

7. Installation:
7.1 Installation and scheduling of installation are entirely the responsibility of the Customer.

Installation supervision is available but must be requested at the time of ordering and will be shown and charged at the appropriate rates in the sales invoice.

Supervision will be for a pre-determined period and customer will be given a comprehensive list of materials and tools required, any deviation from this list may result in works supervisor refusing to over-see the installation but the charge will still apply.

8. Safe guarding and protection of the windows & doors while on site and in an uninstalled condition is the responsibility of the Customer. Cleaning of windows and doors will be by the Customer/ others.

9. Warranties.

9.1 Materials for legitimate warranty claims will be provided by the manufacturer of the windows and doors via DBP Partners ltd.

9.2 These claims must be made in writing with a clear and concise description of the issue and always be accompanied by photos or video. This report needs to be sent to DBP as soon as the issue has arisen. No agent of DBP or the factory will make a site visit until this report has been received and considered by the factory technical department.

Any issue arising from poor or incorrect installation will be discounted immediately.

9.3 All servicing and adjustments are the responsibility of the customer. (All instructions
on the maintenance, servicing and adjustment of our products are clearly explained in
our warranty/maintenance document and must be strictly adhered to.

10. Insurance.

10.1 Once the goods are unloaded, the responsibility for insuring the goods against fire, theft or damage is the responsibility of the customer.

11. The Law of the Contract:

11.1 The contract between the Customer and DBP shall be subject to English law

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