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Metra sliding windows and doors confer light and elegance to your lifestyle. For feeling gratified and at the centre of an ideal ecosystem, in total harmony with the external environment, with nature, with the city, with sunlight… and only surrounded by beautiful ideas.

Metra sliding windows and doors become a real integrated system with totally unique solutions, adaptable to any aesthetic situation with comfort, energy-saving and security. On top of all this, there is also a wide choice of matching design accessories and a vast range of surfaces with surprising colours and extraordinary taste.


Metra sliding systems ensure high thermal insulation performance, excellent acoustic insulation, water tightness, air tightness as well as resistance to saline corrosion and harsh atmospheric agents


Large glazing with great security. Metra sliding systems can be fitted with highly resistant shatterproof laminated glass up to 44 mm thick.


Metra sliding systems are also distinguished by their opening/closing mechanism as well as the sliding ease. Metra sliding windows and doors can be fitted with burglar-proof alarm systems and can also be integrated within home automation systems.

Energy upgrade of buildings

The high thermal performance of Metra windows and doors far exceeds the minimum thresholds set by the law which in Italy* allow access to 65% tax reduction in order to incentivise energy upgrade of buildings.


The aesthetic lines that can be applied to Metra sliding windows and doors are varied and exciting, including the ‘SLIM’ line, greatly admired by architects and interior designers all over the world. Aesthetically fantastic and functional, all sizes of the METRA SLIDING SHUTTERS range can be combined with 2 different types of blades. The wide choice of finishes available across the entire sliding range can enhance both contemporary and traditional living spaces.

* To access the regulations in force on tax reductions in your nation, city and climate area, compare the required values with the thermal transmittance of Metra windows and doors found under the ‘performance’ section, present on every product page.