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Structural excellence and technology unite to provide light and preserve your living space, without ever compromising aesthetics. The integrated systems for Metra casement windows and doors can radically improve your lifestyle, because they are fully equipped with everything… They offer comfort, energy saving and security and can be applied to all housing and architectural needs: from historic town centres to contemporary architecture, from homes in the mountains, to villas by the sea or in the countryside.

The integrated systems for Metra casement windows and doors ensure high thermal insulation performance. They offer excellent acoustic insulation, water tightness, air tightness as well as perfect resistance to saline corrosion. There are many types of openings, both for windows and doors. Great durability, energy saving, high levels of burglar-proof security, perfect opening and closing mechanisms and they are also prepared to be fitted with alarms or integrated into home automation systems… simply calling them ‘casement’ really is an understatement.

Energy upgrade of buildings

The high thermal performance of Metra windows and doors far exceeds the minimum thresholds set by the law which in Italy* allow access to 65% tax reduction in order to incentivise energy upgrade of buildings.


There is no limit to the shapes that Metra casement windows and doors can take, from the most creative to the most traditional. Nothing is off the table, everything is possible. Numerous aesthetic lines can be combined with coordinated design accessories and a series of finishes able to make any aesthetic dream come true (including internal covering in natural wood AELLE 80 STH
, AELLE 100 STH).

The shapes, the types of opening, the accessories and the surface colours can all be applied in compliance with all the EU standards in force, even in historic town centres.

* To access the regulations in force on tax reductions in your nation, city and climate area, compare the required values with the thermal transmittance of Metra windows and doors found under the ‘performance’ section, present on every product page.