CECE mark is an abbreviation of French word “Conformité Européene”. With CE mark M SORA company guarantee, that the products are legally put on market and fulfil requirements of European Union regulations and European standards.

ift-FEM certifikat

ift femM SORA acquired the ift-FEM certificate for calculating thermal transmittance of window frames (Uf) according to European standard EN 10077-2. The certificate was granted by the German ift institute in Rosenheim in 2014.

Uf values are calculated using WinIso 2D professional software, one of the basic characteristics required for CE marking and calculating a window’s thermal transmittance (Uw).

To date, M SORA is the first only company in Slovenia to gain the certificate.

Eco-innovation (2011-2014)


M SORA windows are marked with an eco-innovation label on the European market. Natural wood insulation with special air cavities represent a genuine alternative to synthetic insulation materials, resulting in lower CO2 emissions (carbon footprint) and higher thermal insulation.

EACI Agency of invitation Eco-innovation

Eco-innovation is any form of innovative products, processes, services or business methods, which are intended to achieve the objective of sustainable environmentally-friendly development by reducing the impact on the environment or by using natural resources, including energy, in a more efficient and responsible manner. CIP Eco-innovation provides a link between research and technical development of prototypes and commercialization of these products on the market.

CIP Eco-innovation supports projects that:

  • represent the first commercial demonstration eco-innovative products, processes, techniques or methods which
  • They are already technologically sophisticated,
  • due to certain risks require a financial incentive in the presentation market.

Recycling materials

  • Improving the quality of recycled material for better procedures sorting, dismantling and destruction of garbage decomposition of fallen electrical elements
  • Innovative products made from recycled materials
  • The management innovation to improve the competitiveness of the recycling industry.

Sustainable building products

  • Construction and related materials that reduce consumption of resources, have a lower carbon footprint and lower marginal waste. It supports the use of environmentally friendly materials made from natural, recycled or reused materials.

Food and drink sector

  • Cleaner and innovative products, including packaging methods and materials.
  • Cleaner and innovative products, processes and services in production that reduce water use, avoiding the formation of waste, reduce emissions of flue gases
  • Improved and innovative logistics, distribution and purchase procedures


  • Enforcement procedures without the use of water
    Supply and water management; procedures with lower use of chemicals and other additives
    Smart water supply through water supply systems and innovative solutions
    Green business

Especially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises in setting up a green business – the personification of eco-innovative techniques of business, the new pattern in the supply chain, etc.

Certification criteria for Passive House Transparent Building Components

The independent institute for outstanding energy efficiency in buildings

  • Window frames
  • Frames for fixed glazing
  • Sliding doors
  • Curtain wall systems
  • Sloped curtain wall systems
  • Roof windows
  • Skylights
  • Glazing