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IFrame Glass Doors and Windows


The FRAME window system is used for external fitting. It permits use of sliding and fixed elements. The special features of this system are summarized in the following points:

Design and comfort

Sliding system FRAME is a modern architecture. FRAME is an art with a purpose quality, lightness and comfort. Its design implies a conscious effort to create an art object that is both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. The frame comprises one or more rails equipped with a ball bearing system in the sliding areas. This ensures the weight of the glazing is distributed to the structure of the building. These special features enable large dimension windows to be made with very slim profiles.


Sliding elements (fixed)

IFRAME windows are intended to be used in facades but can also be used inside the building. FRAME window applications are extremely flexible and exist in a variety of sliding configurations.

Locking Elements

There is a very wide variety of locking options, defined by the project. The locking systems comply with the burglar resistance requirements

Insulating glass

Thicknesses and the type of glass sheets (Float, ESG or SG) are defined in accordance with the dimensions and requirements of the project. The thermal performances of the glass (type of gas, film) are defined by the project.

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